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Enviro week word seach


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1. Kiah and i thought about our stock and the price and there precentages. We called our LOLLIES 4 U and we also looked up a few diffrent web stores to see which one was the best .

2. Kiah and i started to put our products online to do that we had to geta image of the picture and discribe it. We found a web site called www.freewebstore.

3. kiah and i put four products online they were rasberry dropes, mini marshmellows, rainbow lollie pops and sugar straws.

4. Kiah and i finished puting all our products online and did our final precentages.

4 i was at guitar so i did not do that reflection


overall Kiah and i spent $50 on buying our stock and then got a profit of $50.93.

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Start and stop peom


The start of spring,
the warm sun comes out from his hidding spot,
all of the flowers bloom showing their beautiful colours,
the trees instantly turn all the colours of green you can imagine,
this is my favourite time of the year
The start of spring.


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Start and Stop poem


In the middle of a storm,
I gaze out my window
watching the flashes of light,
the rain gushes down
like someone pouring a bag of marbles over my house,
the thunder BANGS every now and again
but i will never get used to it
In the middle of a storm.

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Secert in the forest


1. A cave made out of gold

2. Magical pixies

3. A wishing tree

4. An awesome tree house

5. Friendly trolls

6. A pot of gold

7. Talking trees and animals

8. Missing person

9. Unknown creature

10. Wicked Witch


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At the waterfront


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On the second and the ninth of November the 5/6 learning community went surfing and did beach activities at Point Addis and Urquharts Bluff. On friday the second we went to Point Addis, first red, green and half of purple home room colors did beach activities and Yellow, blue and the other half of purple did surfing. I did beach activities and we had free time and the year five girls got a game of beach circket going, everyone got to bowl and bat. Then I did surfing and there was good waves, I caught lots of waves out the back. On the next Friday I did surfing first there was also great wave. Surfing was heps of fun, I’m looking forward to it next year.

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photo trail- surfing at Point Addis


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colour story


Denali - Mountain Landscape from Alaskaphoto credit: blmiers2 via photopin cc

Blue is the unifom, pens, paint, hats and books

Blue is water, birds, fishs, whales, flower and the sky

Blue is blueberrys, slushy, water, iceing and bubblegum ice cream

Blue is sad, shy, unhappy and lonely

Blue is my favourite colour because it is apart of me and its the colour of the sea

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Word web


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